Discipline + Resilience = Entrepreneur’s Mindset

Coaching is a very “in” thing nowadays. Today, you can find a coach for pretty much anything: lifestyle, diet, relationships and, of course, business. 

There are also various types of business coaches out there. There are “6 figure” coaches who help clients reach (wait for it) . . . 6 figures. There are branding coaches who help clients find clarity around their brand and messaging. There are “passive income” coaches who help clients make money in their sleep. Anything that you can think of around business and making money, and I’m pretty sure there’s a coach for it. 

So what can I possibly add to the type of coaching that’s already out there?

Before I explain the type of coaching I do, I think it’s important for me to share some of my beliefs about starting and running a business:

I believe we all have a vocation. I use the word “vocation” deliberately because of its derivation. The term comes from the Latin word vocare which literally means “to call”. In the past, individuals would listen for their call from the Divine, taking this as the assignment for how they should live their lives. These individuals would ask important questions:

What gifts have been granted to me from the Divine?

How am I to use these gifts in life (not just professional life, but in all aspects – family life, community life, religious life, etc.)

We’ve kind of lost this concept in Western Society, and listen to a different “call”. The call of what society, friends and family expect of us. The call of what our colleagues and classmates are doing. Even the call of “I don’t want to do this anymore, I’m going to quit my job and follow my passion”. 

If we were to work together, I would support you in quieting those external calls and creating internal space to receive your inspiration from within. 

It’s not easy to do. In fact a lot of the times the work we do together will feel slow and boring, as if nothing exciting is happening. Over time though, you will experience powerful moments of inspiration that will tell you where you need to go.

I believe starting and running a business is simply another opportunity to learn about ourselves. A lot of us (me included) enter into entrepreneurship thinking that everything will magically improve once we become the masters of our own lives. I think this is because we externalize the problem: “If I’m not satisfied it’s because of [my boss/my collagues/my crappy boyfriend, fill-in-the-blank.]” So we get rid of that external thing . . . Only to discover that those annoying problems are still there. Entrepreneurship tends to exacerbate things because, not only are the challenges still there, but now there’s no more steady money coming in.

Entpreneurship is an incredible opportunity to see where our own automatisms keep us from experiencing life the way that we want:

external stimulus→ a tendency to respond in a certain way→response (automatism)

 It is frustrating to fall into the same hole over and over again, yet incredibly liberating to view our patterns as workable. That’s where I come in. If we were to work together, I would support you in taking a compassionate look at the repeated behaviors that keep you from the results that you want, and developing a new center of gravity that will allow you to create more productive habits:

external stimulus→consideration→reflection→response (conscious action)

In working together, I will help you develop two necessary components for doing well in entrepreneurship: discipline and resilience. If you’d like a feel for what my coaching is like, schedule a complimentary coaching session by filing out the form below.

I was really humbled by your support over the weekend. You truly do love and serve in all that you do. I really feel that from you.

You are in my golden cirlce, Erica. When I’m in that icky space and unlear thinking takes over, you remind me that I am supported and love is all around me. I feel lighter, happier and more focused today. Yesterday I took the time to let myself release whatever was inside, and I began to pick myself up. It’s a beautiful, crisp day and the sun is shining bright. It’s going to be a beautiful day.

I want to thank you because I know that you have helped me a lot. I was scared I wasn’t going to get anything out of working iwth you because I wasn’t seeing any results, but I have gained much more than what I expected. I am able to voice what I want, and I am able to be honest with myself. I stopped and re-evaluated things and decided for myself what was important to me. I made the decision to focus on that. That decision is alone is seeing results because I couldn’t be that honest before. Thank you Erica.

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