Welcome to my website! I have to thank my partner, Carlos, for its existence. For months he’s been encouraging me to create a place to discuss my services and share my work. For that reason, creating this website accomplishes two objectives: It gives me an online presence and also gets him off of my case. 🙂

As you might have noticed, I call this site The Business Alchemist’s Lab. The significance of the name might not be entirely obvious, so I’ve decided to use this first blog post as a way to explain what it means.

It takes a lot to be an entrepreneur or small business owner (which I’ll call “SBO” to save time). Not only are we managing our operations, but we’re also handling marketing and administration. Because its our venture, we really identify with what we are putting out into the world. We want people to love it. If they don’t, it cuts really deep.

Oh, and we’re also hoping that these ventures will provide a financial return for us. After all, we’ve poured hour after hour into nurturing our idea into a tangible thing that clients or customers can buy.

And if that’s not enough, we also desire to fully live this “independent” life that we’ve created for ourselves. Because we got into business for ourselves to be the master of our own destinies, right?

Needless to say, there are a lot of elements for an entrepreneur or SBO to pull together to achieve the results that he or she wants. I’m relentlessly fascinated by the process of doing this.

How do I bring all of the elements together to create a successful business and life?

Every week I am asked this question in some form or another, and I am privileged to play a small role in helping my clients discover the answer. It’s an answer that is different for everyone, and requires a lot of trial and error. A willingness to experiment with different ideas is key. Just as important is knowing when to keep going with something, and when it’s best to move onto something else.

Perhaps the “alchemist” part of my website’s name is becoming obvious by now. Alchemy is the science that aims to turn base metals into gold. In essence, it’s a process of discovery; of learning which elements should be brought together to produce a noble element. We as entrepreneurs and SBO’s are involved in this process every day; figuring out the elements of business (and life) that need to be brought together to create our desired impact.

As I was creating the site, the inspiration came to call this space a lab. Slowly it occured to me why I desired to do so. I don’t want this to be a static place that simply states what I do in my business. Instead, I desire to use this space to share my thoughts and findings, and to generate a discussion amongst passionate entrepreneurs and SBOs. Truth be told, I love reading and writing, and have a large number of notes and thoughts that I’ve jotted down in Evernote. For months, I’ve wanted to find an outlet for my writing, yet felt blocked. It is my hope that I can begin to develop my writing here and in the process, spark engaging discussion and discover new things.

I hope you find something here that serves you.

With anticipation of seeing where this leads,